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Biden’s New Immigration Initiative: How the Parole in Place Program Works

The recent announcement authorizing the process of parole in place for undocumented spouses of United States citizens present in the United States for 10 years is a positive step toward uniting families regardless of immigration status. G|T Immigration Law Group is hopeful that it will provide a path to immigration status for our clients and security for their families. With that being said, here are some important facts about the program.

Program Details

  1. The process of “parole in place” or PIP provides a lawful entry for people who have entered the United States without inspection. Alone, it does not provide lawful permanent residence, but takes down a barrier in immigration law to people adjusting their status while within the United States.
  2. As announced, the program will only be available to spouses of United States citizens who have been here for over 10 years. This presence will have to be documented with evidence.
  3. Any applicant to the program will still have to file other applications, such as a Petition for Alien Relative (I-130) and Application for Adjustment of Status (I-485).
  4. The process will consist of three steps – first, filing of the petition for alien relative, then the request for parole in place. After this is granted, then the application to adjust status would be filed.
  5. Applicants will be eligible for a work permit after the parole is approved. Any applicants would also be eligible for a work permit connected with their application for adjustment of status.
  6. As of June 19, 2024 there is NO application process announced. No matter what anyone tells you, you cannot apply for this program until a filing procedure is put in place.
  7. PIP does not waive any other grounds of inadmissibility. It is important to check with an immigration lawyer to see if there is any other reason you may be ineligible to adjust status and how to address the issue.
  8. It is likely that this policy will be challenged in court, potentially leading to delays in implementation. Until any legal issues are resolved you can not file an application.

We look forward to consulting with you to see if parole in place is a possible option for you.

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