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Federal Court Blocks Trumps Administration’s Arbitrary Detention of Asylum Seekers


Huge victory yesterday when the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. found that, contrary to the beliefs of this administration, human beings should not be treated like cattle. The decision requires ICE to make a case-by-case determinations of whether asylum-seekers may be released on parole or whether they must remain detained indefinitely for the duration of their case (often over a year). Parole was previously used frequently, for both humanitarian and efficiency reasons. Under this administration, release on parole has dropped from about 90% to nearly 0%.

As a law firm, we have personally witnessed ICE issue blanket denials of parole requests in any number of situations – severe medical issues, desperate family members, trauma, lack of any criminal history or negative factors, etc. This decision specifically calls out the Philadelphia and Newark, NJ ICE field offices. We are hopeful that this decision, combined with the tireless efforts of legal and non-legal advocates alike, will work towards a system of humanity and fairness.

“‘The United States has long recognized its moral and legal obligation to protect refugees, including the right to seek asylum. People fleeing persecution should never be locked away just for asserting this right. Today’s decision recognizes that asylum seekers deserve compassion and the protection of our laws, not punishment,’ said Eunice Lee, co-legal director of the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies.” #asylum #ACLU #endfamilydetention #immigrantrights

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