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Courts rules that Trump can end TPS for some foreign nationals

The Ninth Circuit ruled on Monday that the Trump administration is allowed to end the humanitarian protection called Temporary Protected Status (TPS), for citizens from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan. TPS allows foreign nationals from countries “facing natural disaster, armed conflict or other ‘extraordinary and temporary conditions’ that make it unsafe for them to return,” to lawfully work and live in the U.S.
The administration originally terminated TPS for these countries in 2017 and 2018 and the beneficiaries of this program filed a lawsuit “on the grounds that the rule was motivated by animus toward ‘non-white, non-European Immigrants’ that they said was evidence by comments made by President Trump and other administration officials.”
The Trump administration has agreed to keep the protections in place “until at least March 5, 2021, for people from five of the affected countries and until November 2021 for people from El Salvador… If Trump is not re-elected, a new administration could choose to maintain the program.”
The plaintiffs and the lawyers are planning to appeal the decision.

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