Report finds ICE detention center is using a disinfectant over 50 times a day that causes bleeding and pain

Source: Business Insider

In response to the criticism that ICE has not taken proper measures to address the spread of COVID-19 in its detention centers, guards are spraying the facilities with HDQ Neutral, a powerful disinfectant that is causing detainees to experience severe side effects, including blisters, rashes, bleeding, fainting, breathing difficulties, headaches, stomach pain and nausea.

The Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice and Freedom for Immigrants have filed a complaint highlighting the use of HDQ Neutral every 15-20 minutes at the Adelanto Detention Facility in Adelanto, CA. The complaint includes testimonials from detainees at Adelanto.

Spartan Chemical Company, the creators of HDQ Neutral, has put out a statement recognizing this complaint. Spartan also included safety information in the statement, specifying that when using HDQ Neutral, the user must wear splash goggles, rubber or other chemical-resistant gloves, and get medical attention if the chemical comes in contact with their eyes, mouth, or skin. However, ICE has violated these guidelines.

Although ICE issued a statement in April stating it would follow Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidance regarding the usage of disinfectant products, the facility in question has not been following this guidance either.

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